Advanced Professional Skills – Pelvic Floor, Core and More

Assessment and accurate information regarding pregnancy and the effect that it has on the core and the pelvic floor are missing in most areas and replaced by myths. This training will guide you through the basic anatomy of the core muscles, including the pelvic floor and the common weaknesses that affect women during pregnancy and postpartum, including diastatsis recti. But it doesn’t stop there, you will also learn techniques to teach your clients and students to support these muscles beginning in pregnancy and into the postpartum period to reduce the long term effects that pregnancy can cause on these muscles groups. These techniques include exercises as well as belly binding and support techniques from traditional Bengkung binding to several modern techniques.
This 6 hour course is perfect for anyone who works with women during pregnancy or postpartum, including childbirth educators, labor or postpartum doulas, and wants to increase their skill set.

Training Dates
June 24 Alpharetta GA register here