About The Owner

Laura Nance is the owner of For Love of Baby. She has been involved in the childbirth field since 2001. She is a CAPPA certified Labor Doula, Childbirth Educator, Lactation Educator, New Parent Educator, Pregnancy Fitness Educator, and Postpartum Doula. Laura has been serving as the Senior Advisor of Postpartum Programs since 2014. She serves as a faculty member training professionals in the Postpartum Doula, New Parent Educator, and Lactation Educator certification programs. 

Laura’s interest in pregnancy was stirred when she was only 16 years during her older sister’s pregnancy. She felt that it was truly awesome to grow another little person! When she became pregnant with her own children she truly appreciated how amazing it really is. It was during her labor and birth with her first child that she found her calling to assist families during pregnancy, labor and postpartum. She was supported during her labor by a very encouraging nurse. This support was vital to her positive birth experience and she wanted to pass this positive support on to other families.

Laura’s passion for birth is demonstrated in the way she supports each individual family. Her goal is that the family feels empowered and has a positive experience, whatever that means for them. She feels that it is an honor to participate in such a special time in a family’s life.

Laura feels very strongly that families should be well educated in their pregnancy, labor and postpartum life. She stays on top of the most current literature and research to make sure she is always offering the most recent information.

Laura oversees the training and professional development of all the members of the For Love of Baby Collective. She is available to help them if they need assistance and provide them support based on her experience in supporting hundred of families. 

Laura has been married since 1992 to husband Brent. They have 2 college age children, as well as 3 cat and a dog. As a family they enjoy spending time together in outdoor activities. She also enjoys trail running, going to concerts, reading, travel and the beach.