What Happens Next? A Guide to Life With Baby

Are you ready for life after the baby comes? This class will help you know what to expect during the postpartum/newborn period.  You will learn:

  • How to understand and respond to your baby’s “language”
  • How to help your baby develop physically, intellectually and socially
  • What to expect from newborn sleep, how to support infant sleep, and how to create a safe sleep environment
  • Why babies cry and how to help soothe them
  • What to expect from your body and emotions after the baby is born
  • How to navigate changing relationships
  • How to prepare for and plan for every day life in the initial postpartum period

You will leave prepared for life with a new baby and a new normal.

This class is taught by For Love of Baby owner and certified New Parent Educator Laura Nance.

Upcoming classes
February 23 2:00-5:30 PM Natural Beginnings Birth and Wellness in Statesville

To register call Natural Beginnings  704-380-3722