Labor Doula Trainings

CAPPA is the world’s largest childbirth professional organization offering the highest quality, comprehensive, evidence based training and certification programs. All CAPPA trainings offered by For Love of Baby are the first step in your certification as a CAPPA professional.

You can make a difference! While labor is unpredictable the research shows that families who are supported by a doula experience:

  •  fewer Cesarean Sections
  • shorter labors
  • less use of Pitocin
  • Less Narcotic use during labor
  • Less Forceps Use
  • Fewer requests for Epidural
  • Improved Breastfeeding
  • More satisfaction with the birth process

A CAPPA certified doula is trained in the physical, emotional and informational support vital to a career as a successful doula.

Topics presented at workshops include:

  • A Wide Variety of Comfort Measures for Labor*
  • Emotional Support During Labor*
  • Hospital Procedures-Pros/Cons and Alternatives
  • Empowering and Advocating for Your Clients*
  • Positive Communications with Medical Staff*
  • Variations in Labor including Cesareans
  • Prenatal and Postpartum Contact *
  • Running a Business

*with Hands-on Practice and Role-playing

For Love of Baby is not currently running labor doula trainings. For CAPPA Labor Doula Trainings please see Natural Abundance