Postpartum Doula Training

The Postpartum Doula fills an important role in today’s family culture. The Postpartum Doula’s job is to make the transition to parenthood easier for new parents, to help mom during her recovery period and to ascertain what the family needs help with and provide the instruction.

Statistics show that women who have support during the postpartum period tend to have less postpartum depression, breastfeed for a longer duration, and make a better adjustment to parenthood.

As a CAPPA Certified Postpartum Doula you will be trained in the physical, emotional and informational support vital to a career as a successful doula.

This 2 day training is the first step towards certification. There are several other requirements, that will be discussed in class (you can also go to for a full list of certification requirements). This unique opportunity will give you the education and skills necessary to support families through the transition to parenthood. Just some of the things you will learn include:

*Scope of Practice for Postpartum Doula
*Informed consent
*Interventions impact on the postpartum period
*Supporting parents in the immediate postpartum period
*Breastfeeding support
*Baby care techniques
*Calming and soothing techniques
*Postpartum Mood Disorders and support available
*SIDS/Back to Sleep Campaign
*Grief/Loss Support
*Incorporating family members into the care of the newborn
*Listening and communication skills
*Record keeping and contracts
*Creating and marketing your business
*Networking solutions
*Much, much more!!!

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Upcoming Postpartum Doula Trainings:

Philadelphia PA September 21 & 22 Register here

Burlington VT October 10 & 11 2019 Register here

Niceville FL December 7 & 8 2019 Register here

If you would like to have a postpartum doula training in your area, please contact Laura to schedule one!

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