Advanced Labor Skills Using the Rebozo in Labor Charlotte

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The Rebozo has long been used by women, not just during labor but during every day life. During labor it can be used as a tool for comfort and physical support. It has become very popular in recent years work birth workers, ans for good reason, the rebozo can be an amazing tool during labor.

In this 3 hour workshop, we will discussĀ  for pregnancy, relaxation, back pain, positioning, second stage and postpartum. All techniques will be demonstrated and practiced together. In addition, we will examine the history of the rebozo, including a history of birth practices and how they have contributed to our modern birth culture. 3 CAPPA CEUs are available for this class. (CAPPA CEUs are accepted by many professional organizations)

This fun and educational workshop is taught by For Love of Baby owner, Laura Nance. She has been teaching rebozo techniques to birth workers since 2005 and has a passion for equipping birth professionals to excel in their fields.

The cost of this class is 75.00. After October 14 there will be a 10.00 late fee.

There is a full color booklet available showing all the techniques that will be taught in this class for an additional 25.00.