Belly Binding and Core Restore

During pregnancy and after birth, many women are concerned about their pelvic floor and their “mummy tummy”. This concern is legitimate as pregnancy can lead to some weaknesses in the pelvic floor and other core muscles that, if not treated correctly, can lead to long term health concerns such as low back pain, incontinence, and sexual dysfunction.

Just wearing a binder or waist trainer will flatten your belly
Crunches and planks will reduce the size of your belly pooch
You can expect to pee yourself for the rest of your life after having a baby

A combination of appropriate belly support and specialized exercises can help restore your core
Not all belly support devices and not all exercises are appropriate
Crunches and planks are NOT appropriate exercises and can actually create more weakness in your core post-pregnancy
Effective core retraining can help reduce the gap, reduce the belly pooch, and strengthen the pelvic floor
It is possible to strengthen your pelvic floor and sneeze pee free after having a baby!
You can begin in pregnancy with appropriate exercises to reduce the restoration needed post birth.

Unfortunately, assessment and education by care providers is almost non-existent and misinformation is rampant about how to best care for the core and pelvic floor during and after pregnancy. When not cared for correctly many women need physical therapy which is not covered by a lot of insurance providers and some end up needing surgery.

Research shows that 100% of women have a diastasis recti (a gap in the supportive tissue and muscles of the abdomen) during pregnancy and 60% still have it at 6 weeks post birth. A diastasis can heal naturally and does this primarily in the first 8 weeks after birth. Support of the abdominal wall can help support that natural healing process but not on it’s own. Retraining of the core muscles is imperative for full restoration.

For Love of Baby offers personalized services of appropriate belly support and specialized exercises that can help restore your core, close the gap, and strengthen your pelvic floor. We offer binding and belly support techniques from the traditional to modern as well as the supportive exercise instruction to help retrain the core. The specialized exercises can be started in pregnancy.

Laura and Brenna Nance work as a team to offer the Core Restore Services. Laura is a certified Traditional Postpartum Practitioner where she learned Bengkung belly binding. She is training as a Core Confidence Specialist with Bellies Inc and a personal trainer with National Academy of Sports Medicine and will be finishing those certifications in 2019. Brenna will also be taking further trainings in 2019 as well as working as an apprentice with Laura.

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